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Following the completion of his residency in Houston, Texas, Dr. Venger returned to Las Vegas to join Dr. Steven Agata in 1989. Their practice became one of the largest Neurosurgical practices in the United States, eventually reaching eight neurosurgeons, until the untimely death of Dr. Agata in 2003.

Growing up in Las Vegas, Dr. Venger was very familiar with the communities along the Colorado River in the TriState regions. He recognized that this area was underserved of neurosurgery, spine and pain services. In 1991 he established his first outreach clinic in Laughlin, Nevada, dedicated to patients requiring such care. Additional Arizona clinics in Bullhead City, Kingman, Lake Havasu City, and Ft. Mohave followed, as well as a clinic in St. George, Utah.

In Southern Nevada Dr. Venger played a key role in the development of a second major regional trauma center, providing an additional option for facilities within Mohave County. Concurrently he assisted local Mohave County EMS services, in developing a rapid triage service from the TriState region. This expedited transport included not only trauma and neurosurgical patients, but also all in need of a higher level of care.

Another project Dr. Venger envisioned was a regional Neuroscience Institute and primary stroke center. Once opened, these services were then extended to those facilities within Mohave County. He also assisted in helping Southern Nevada's osteopathic medical university create their initial clinical rotations for their medical and mid-level students. For many years, Dr. Venger served as preceptor training emergency room residents from Kingman, AZ, in neurosurgical surgery and related emergencies. Along with his wife JoAnn, Dr. Venger also created a neuroscience foundation to promote awareness, local research, and the development of new services, in both the medical and surgical neurosciences.

Dr. Venger performed both adult and pediatric neurosurgery, with a particular interest in pain medicine and neuromodulation (the chemical and electrical alteration of signals within the nervous system to treat pain and movement disorders). He became one of the leading physician implanters of such devices, for each of the three current neuromodulation device manufacturers. He performed the first deep brain stimulator implant for tremors within Nevada in 2003, and individually provided these services for the next five years. Included were neurology practices in Bullhead City and Lake Havasu, Arizona, as unique programming centers for these therapies. This allowed their patients to avoid long trips to Phoenix, Las Vegas or Southern California for adjustment and maintenance of these implants.

Throughout nearly twenty years of Neurosurgery, the treatment of pain was a primary focus of Dr. Venger's career. In 2008 due to illness Dr. Venger retired from operative neurosurgery. After a year of medical leave of absence Dr. Venger returned to clinical practice, to utilize his extensive training and experience in treating pain.

A large portion of Dr. Venger's professional life has been dedicated to providing specialized care for those in the TriState region. Pain Medicine still remains underserved within Mohave County. In March 2010, Dr. Venger opened the TriState Pain Institute in Ft. Mohave. Judging by the number of the patients treated so far, Dr. Venger and the TriState Pain Institute have both made considerable progress in meeting this challenge. By adding alternatives to traditional monthly prescriptions, Dr. Venger hopes to give back to those communities that have given so much to him.


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